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About Us

Siple Property Maintenance brings over twenty years of lawn care and landscaping expertise to every client. Our team members are Vermont locals who understand the terrain, flora and fauna, and our infamous Vermont weather. When it comes to creating a great yard, managing a big tract of land, or making sure your commercial property always looks professional, Siple Property Maintenance is the team to call.


Keep your lawn looking green and beautiful without spending your weekends drenched in sweat. Hire the lawn mowing professionals at Siple Property Maintenance and spend your free time doing the things you love!

Spring & Fall Clean-up

Just as you prepare your home and vehicle for a change in seasons, it’s important to give special care to your Vermont yard and landscape in the spring and fall. With our seasonal clean-up services, you can be confident that your lawn and garden will be clean, healthy, and beautiful, no matter the season!

Winter Plowing & Salting

When a large Winter storm strikes in in Vermont, it can cause a delay getting out the door. With our plow trucks, we can clear the snow on neighborhood roads. There is no amount of snow accumulation too large for our crews.

Some people don’t have the time or equipment to clear the snow from their driveways. Again, we have the proper equipment to get that snow out of your way so that you can be on your way!

Plant & Tree Care

Trees and shrubs can be one of your property’s greatest assets. Unfortunately, they can also become a great source of stress and worry as well. As landscapes mature, it can be very common for trees and shrubs to decline and even die. This often goes beyond the concern of ugly plants to facing costly replacements and potential property damage if trees fail and fall on structures.

Landscape Design

Professional landscape design can change the look of any lawn and garden, giving your home or business a dramatically different look. Professional landscaping is more than gardening. It is about choosing the best plantings to highlight your home or business, and designing it so it stays beautiful for years to come.

Light Excavation

We provide exceptional customer service and work closely with you from the start of the job until completion, within budget and within your time frame. Specializing in light excavation for residential and commercial landscaping.

Let’s Discuss Your Next Project

Ready to get started on your next yard project? Trust our team of professionals to get the job done right!

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